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Stock ‘Cherry Blossom’ Seeds

$ 5.50

Matthiola incana


This is a specialist cut flower ‘column’ stock, so each plant will produce one flower only. Stock is a spring favourite for it’s gorgeous fragrance and long vase life. This variety is a a light pink in colour. 


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Approx No. Seeds: 25

Sow: Autumn, Spring

Spacing: 10cm 

Height: 30-50cm

Pinching: Definitely not. 


Growing Notes 

  • This seed will produce approximately 50% doubles, and 50% singles. 
  • Stock prefers cool weather to grow. 
  • May require horizontal netting to keep upright as they can get top heavy once they start flowering. 
  • Stock can also be used as an edible flower. 

Harvesting Notes 

  • Harvest when ⅓ to ½ of the florets are open. 


*We pack by volume so seed numbers are approximate only.



These seeds are part of our curated collection of flowers and other plants that are suitable for cut flower bouquets and arrangements. They are all plants that we have grown ourselves and rate highly. Often hard to find, or not readily available in single colours, they are all easy-medium to germinate from seed and grow yourself. We want you to have the most success possible for maximum gardening and floral joy!

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