Nourish Gardens

Waiheke Island, New Zealand

Our family has spent the past ten years developing our property, known as Owhanake Bay Estate. Nourish Gardens is part of Owhanake Bay Estate. Nourish Gardens includes a flower farm, a small scale food forest, and a variety of other edible and medicinal gardens.

Our food forest garden development. The first photo shows the garden in 2010, the second photo was taken in 2016.

Our vineyard  and wine production is our primary productive endeavour, however this is rapidly being rivalled by the flower production. We have converted some of the vineyard growing area into more cut flower production to supply flowers and foliage to specialty florists on Waiheke and in Auckland central. We also sell flowers at our eclectic Waiheke Saturday market during the summer season. Flower and grape production go well together, and we enjoy both very much. Flowers and wine make the perfect gift and we can supply both!

Christy is the gardener and teacher. She also enjoys writing and photographing to document our journey.

Mike is the creative problem solver and makes sure everything keeps running smoothly.

We aim to put into practice our beliefs and commitment to ideas of sustainable small scale diversity, with an emphasis on resilience to cope with whatever what may come our way. We are currently focused on providing inspirational garden education on a variety of topics, an intensive flower farm providing sustainable grown seasonal flowers for the local community, and production of high quality Syrah wine under our Owhanake Bay Estate label.

Our son lends a hand when called for and is particularly happy when it means a contribution to pocket money.

Our daughter is our chicken whisperer, and takes great joy in looking after our flock, and raising baby chickens by hand.

We know that we are incredibly privileged to work and live in such a beautiful place. We delight in sharing it with others, and providing the knowledge and inspiration to others for their own special spaces.